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The Oral Examination

With the patient sedated, a super deluxe speculum is fitted to support the mouth open, any food material is washed out and the head is comfortably positioned on a padded head rest. Using a light source to illuminate the mouth, each tooth is individually examined using a dental mirror and an intra oral scope.The video is recordable and also allows clients to visualise any abnormalities on a screen.

A digital dental record including any dietary or management recommendations are  emailed to the client the same day. 

Reminders are issued via email and text message, one month prior to the recommended treatment period which in most cases is 12 months. We understand that most people are delighted to be reminded, but do tell us if you would rather not be contacted.


Small ponies

Small ponies

We have a specially designed gag and head stand for our smaller patients so they need not compromise on the comfort during an examination. Melissa is always happy to do miniature horses, shetland ponies and naughty ponies as she gets to sit down!